Bathroom Break 

Is it just me or is the bathroom the only place in this world where you can capture a few peaceful minutes of silence?

My name is Dylan, however for now it’s not overly important. Over the next however long this venture goes on, I’m going to try and explain my life and my world. It’s not going to be interesting so if your after guns, violence and anything exciting then I’m sorry this is not for you.

Not too sure how to blog so for now this is my moment of silence over. Time to get out of the bathroom before someone thinks iv fallen into the toilet.

If anyone reads this fully; I thank you and admire you for reading my ramblings and not clicking on an advert that is most likely on this page offering you some rubbish from Amazon or the “neighbour next door” week free on some dodgy adult site.

Anyway until next time, Farewell.