It’s Not Always Good News

So to kick this off I’m getting married in a few weeks. Sounds like a time to celebrate does it not? Well to me yes it is, however to my family its not looking that way.

I have been engaged for three years and with us finally getting our house on the 12th of July (four days time from when this is being typed up) I finally decided to tell my family that I’m getting married on August 17th. Short time I know but I would expect a “well done” or “congratulations” or something along those lines, however  no.

I do understand this is a short notice and I do understand that maybe not everyone would be happy to try and get sorted to attend a wedding in five weeks however to be told out right that no one can attend is a very upsetting thing to hear.

I know I may have brought this upon myself by leaving this until now to tell my family about the wedding however to have my father tell me “oh my god what are you doing?” and “you know the foreign legion is still an option” is not quite what I wanted to hear. I have phoned the whole family and the rest of them are happy and seem like they can make it and will be over the moon to attend. I know having told them this yesterday I have another few days to a week or so of listening to everyone’s opinion however its my life, my happiness and my mistake to make if it should ever go badly.

On another point, as noted above I am finally a home owner for the first time and I have placed myself on the first step of the property ladder. I am also getting a puppy on the same day I am getting the house. I am over the moon with regards to moving into my house, getting a puppy and getting married however my mum and sister have issues with the short time frame and my dad thinks its a joke or laughing matter.

After the onslaught from family regarding the wedding I am very hesitant to inform they regarding the puppy but at some point I do have to let them know and I know its going to be another few days to a few weeks of over opinionated family members and everyone thinking they know better than I do about how to direct my life.

I have all the money and time in the world to direct my life in the manor I want and I know the family just want to look out for me but sometimes looking out for me is upsetting.

I cried. all of this, it pushed me over the edge and I broke down I’m my mums empty house when she went out last night, I could not help my self and I felt like everyone was telling me that this is not the correct decision and that all I’m doing is continuing a life long trail of bad decisions and this will all blow up in my face. They like my fiancee so its not even as though they don’t like her, they really do. but for some reason, buying a house with her is fine but wanting to marry someone that I got engaged to almost four years ago is just to  far.

sorry this is not a happy blog but sometimes life just gets into a bulldozer and rams its self through the center of your life and just brakes everything you thought was concrete in your universe and turns it into broken shards of glass on the floor of your existence.


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