I Bought A Dog

All my life I’v wanted a dog, a fluffy puppy to call my best friend. Growing up my sister was allergic to dogs so I could never have one,  I spent my whole life going to the park and watching happy dogs and owners playing in the park, knowing that I would never experience that because of my sister.  Now I am not blaming my sister for being allergic to dogs, its not her fault, but I always would imagine coming home, throwing my stuff on my bed and playing with my own little puppy.

So as I fast forward through my life for a moment, my auntie got a dog, we called her Bess and that dog was it for me, my best friend, my play mate and my confidant. I loved that dog more than anything. We went everywhere together and she would always play with me over anyone else. I grew up knowing she was everything to me and I was everything t her, we were inseparable. one day I went to collage in Glasgow, this is a cite that is 271 kilometres (168 miles) away from my life long best friend. Yes at this point I had human friends but no one can fill the space that a dog creates in your life and heart.

One day I get a phone call from my cousin, she was in a flood of tears:

“whats wrong” I asked scared of the answer in case someone had had a terrible accident,

“It’s Bess” she said in a soft tear filled voice, “she has died”

My heart stopped, my entire life paused for longer than I can remember, the world fell silent, I couldn’t breath, I couldn’t think, “your lying” I said to her, chocking back a flood of tears,”YOUR LYING” I shouted down the phone not able to control myself. How could this of happened, she has always been there, of course she cant be dead, she is my best friend, there is no way, is there?

“I’m sorry” once again came the soft voice, “she died last night in her sleep”. I chocked, I could not hold back my tears anymore, I crumbled to the floor, “but i never got to say goodbye” I howled down the phone. “I’m sorry” again came her soft, sad, tear filled voice “she always knew you loved her”.

I spent hours that night just crying into my pillow, my flat mates trying to console me and make me feel better, but nothing worked, my world had been shattered into a million little bits. she was gone and nothing I could do could bring her back.

After a few months of feeling like I let my best friend down because i wasn’t there for her in her final moments I decided I was going to replace the dog shaped hole in my heart with a new puppy, one that I would love and cherish for ever. This is the Eevee section of this story.

Eevee was a small Jack Russell puppy, I bought her when I was living with my, at the time, girlfriend and my flatmate. She was such a cute wee dog, I treated her like a princess, and yes spoilt her rotten. I taught her how to run along side my bike and a few extra tricks to show her off. I was finally getting over the loss of Bess. Eevee was my puppy, yes she had a few problem areas that she was not perfect on, major one was toilet training, she could never get the hang of it, she also had a nervous bladder so peed when excited.

I had Eevee for about a year until me and my girlfriend broke up (story for another time) and I had to move home to my parents. As I said above I cant have a dog at my parents as my sister is allergic so I had to leave my Eevee with my now ex-girlfriend. By all accounts she still has Eevee to this day, almost 5 years on and Eevee is happy and is doing well.

so for the last 5 years I have been back at dear old mum and dads, living happily, got a new girlfriend, well an old girlfriend that I have always been very close friends with and when I moved home we started to date again (again a story for another time). As this story continues along we got engaged and started to look for a house and a month ago we finally found our first house. Not too far from my parents and family, but far enough away that I have my own space to start my life.

We move in in the next few weeks.

Anyway as the title of this would suggest, yes, I have found a new puppy. My fiancée has always wanted a dog when we moved in together and I always said yes as long as we waited until we moved into the hose first. So the other day we were out and about and she said “If we find the perfect puppy, the us puppy, can we get her?” so of course I say “yes” not putting too much thought into it. As the day went on she drove out of our town and along the road to the next few towns over, I asked “where are we going?” and she replied with “to meet our us puppy” and god she was not wrong. when we pulled up I got out thinking how did I get into this but wanted to go in with an open mind. We went into the sellers house and I was handed the most beautiful dog I have ever seen, cream coat with brown splodges, fluffy and cuddly with the most piercing blue eyes you have ever seen. I fell in love with her immediately. we were advised that her dad is part Labrador part German Shepard and her mum is a pure collie. so with her being part lab and part collie we came up with the name Lollie.

We pick her up in just under 4 weeks and I cant wait. Life is finally falling into place. I have a beautiful wife to be, a beautiful dog, a wonderful house and a job that aint half bad.

Now I know a dog is a huge responsibility but with the love and attention Lollie will get and the patience I have to help train her I am sure she will be the best puppy on this planet.

At this point I would like to direct your attention to the picture at the top of this post, this ladies and gentle men is Lollie, not the best photo but by favourite of her so far.


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