Why I Gave Up

I am over weight. Now I don’t mean hugely obese but yes I am a heavier set guy. on January of 2017 I decided i was going to loose some weight by joining a local slimming world class, it was fantastic. I loved going and I lost a load of weight. I think in total I lost just over a stone and a half (I now weigh like 13 stone 3lbs) and I felt amazing.

So good part of this over now let me get into why I quit and no longer go to a weight loss class and I am back to almost my old ways. Firstly £20 a month to stand on a scale and then be told how much you have or have not lost is a mental thing for me to comprehend, secondly I did it wrong, I went from BK and bakery food straight onto salad and chicken. like I went from nothing healthy straight to nothing unhealthy. Now most of you are probably thinking that that is precisely what yo are supposed to do, full diet change, and yes to an extent you are however I was eating only salad and chicken, a few natural 0% fat yogurts and some plain pasta. Obviously fruit played a huge part of this new diet and to be honest that is what kept me on track most of the time.

Now as a diabetic I have to eat certain foods to stay alive, but on this diet those foods were considered bad for you and would damage your weight loss. I slowly started to loose control of my diabetes which was not good for my health. I was stuck between eating healthy and managing my medical condition.

Now I did try to adjust what I ate to match p with what I needed to eat to keep my bloods correct, however after years of eating badly I had no idea how to manage my diabetes eating healthy. I did seek  medical help however the NHS are not the best people to get advise from as they just don’t seem to care much these days. So anyway I decided for the time being until I have full and 100% control of my diabetes I will go back to eating normal foods.

Now saying I have given up does not mean I am back to eating the exact same foods on the same scale as I have before. I have decided to still eat loads of fruit and change up some dinner foods to be more vegetable orientated. Now I will also admit I do snack on bad foods when I am at work and stressed but if you don’t then maybe you should try it, its amazing. I am not gaining weight anymore however its not being lost at the same rate however I am getting my control back for my diabetes which is way more important.

Maybe some day I can get to the perfect body image I want, for now though I guess eat better is the best I can hope for. I know diabetes can be managed on a diet but I found it very hard and with no guidance I got scared and quit. That is the reason I gave up, not for lack of trying, but rather fear of putting my self back into hospital with another diabetic attack. I will go into that story some other time, but for now know this. Yes I got scared and yes I could have gone on and maybe got on track with a little bit more hard work, but fear of what can happen with poor control of diabetes was too much for me to handle.

Sorry guys.


One thought on “Why I Gave Up

  1. I hope you mange to get control of your diabetes and diet soon to find a happy medium! Don’t be sorry that you weren’t able to keep up with the diet, you being alive is way more important. I don’t have diabetes but I do go for a walk everyday. Maybe you could go for a walk once a day and build up from there. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, just 10-15 minutes a day.


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