One Out Of Two

Yes that is correct, according to a new study done my Cancer Research UK one out of two people in the UK born after 1960 will at some point develop some kind of cancer.

Now the above is not just for blogging purpose but is in fact the only way I can think to start this story.

About a year ago my beloved granny developed lung cancer. Now yes she has smoked all of her live and no she never stopped even after developing lung cancer, however this does not help any when you are told the woman who you thought would be around forever may be dying. I was told after a lot of my family already knew, as with most news in my family I am the last to know. I was informed that she had stage 4 lung cancer and may not have long left. I have never felt more upset and alone.

I love my granny more than anything in this world she is a matriarch to the family and someone who I have always respected. I don’t know how many of you out there have had the misfortune to experience the feeling of emptiness that you get when you are given the news that someone you love dearly is not going to be around for long but let me tell you its worse than anything you are ever going to experience. Granny, Mother, Father Granddad, Sister, Brother, other half its not always going to feel the same, but it will always take you to the same dark place where you finally realize that we are all mortal and no one is going to be around forever.

Now yes I have experienced death before in my family and yes it was heart breaking, however it is different knowing someone close to you died in their sleep passing peacefully into what ever is next for us. Being told that someone you love will suffer going through treatment for something you are being told is less likely to work than winning the lottery is a whole lot worse. Yes the person who is ill will be the one suffering but having to watch the person who you were brought up believing was the strongest person in your life be brought down my an invisible force, its not nice.

For a few months my granny was in and out of chemotherapy and radiotherapy to try and remove the melon sized cancer lump from inside her. She lost the thing that made her most proud, her hair, my family did all chip in and buy her a real hair wig and she was happy for that but you could tell it was not the same for her. she bought a woolly hat and she wore that everywhere and in front of everyone even family. she hated loosing her hair.

I remember during the summer we all got together, the whole family, and we had a lovely day at my granny’s in the sun, we made a buffet of food, all the kids were there, my granny was surrounded by everyone who loved her. we got some beautiful photos and some memories that will last forever.

My granny didn’t like many of the photos as she had her hat on in them, but she still had an amazing day.

Now I know where this sounds like it is going and let me assure you now, my beloved granny is still with us and as of a few months ago has made a full recovery and is, as far as I know, 100% cancer free. She still has to put her hat on as the chemotherapy has permanently destroyed her hair, but she is alive and doing better than ever.

I have been chocking back tears during writing this as, though my family may not see it, it is very upsetting for me and writing about it makes it all come back, the first time I was told, the first time I seen her with her hair falling out, her at her weakest. But I never doubted my granny, I knew she could beat it and she did.

Thank you for reading this, and I hope this encourages you to go an visit the ones you love. they will not be around forever and when they are gone that’s it. So please go and see someone you love, tell them what they mean to you and when it is there time, be there, be strong and they will always live on in your heart. Also on this Cancer Awareness Day please donate and help share awareness for all cancers. You may not be affected now, but you never know what may happen tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “One Out Of Two

  1. Aww I’m so happy so made a good recovery! That was such a sweet story. I’ve had family members die of cancer. My uncle had cancer… he didn’t tell anybody he had cancer until people could tell he was losing weight and slowly dying. He never tried to stop it though. He let it take his life, which I understand why. So I know where you are coming from when you get told horrible news about a family member. You really don’t know how long everybody will be on this earth for. Always visit family and make memories because you never know how long you have left. 💙 I hope your grandma continues to do well.

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