The Human Flaw

why is telling lies our default? why is it always so easy to lie rather than just telling the truth?

Is the truth so much effort that we don’t want to or is it just we find deceiving others so invigorating that we become addicted and can not help it?

some of the most common lies told are always the easiest to avoid. Simple ones like “have you read the terms and conditions” no one has ever said no to that question and I doubt 99% of people have actually read them. Other questions we lie about are “are you OK”, “are you my friend”, “do you love me………..”

Most people will not admit to lying, even little white lies are seen as horrible no matter how good the intentions are. now I’m not condoning lying to anyone about anything but just consider this. If everyone was 100% honest 100% of the time, how would you feel, knowing your loved ones are tortured by hidden demons or that the person who said they love you more than anything in this world actually looks at other women when your not looking.

myths, legends and tall tails are embedded in modern culture. Loch ness monster, bigfoot, the abominable snowman are all stories we have been brought up listing to and believing in. These are some of the most popular lies ever told and they have been told so much that they have become a part of life for most of us, debating if they are real, spending hours looking for proof or for a select few spending our lives hunting for them. “A lie told often enough becomes the truth” – Vladimir Lenin

This world is full of lies made to make you feel good, to make you forget and somethings that don’t even seem like a lie. Does that burger you just ordered look like the picture in the shop window? is that model in your magazine look like that 24/7? do you look the same with out your make-up? do you act the same with her as you do around your friends? do you actually love then?

No mater who you have to lie to and what you must lie to them about, please always remember one thing please; do not lie if you do not have to and always be true to yourself. No matter what happens in your life please always stay true to yourself. hide what you must, hell I’m not here to judge or tell you not to lie, but just never lie to yourself as that is the hardest thing to get over.

I have been lied to, stolen from and cheated on in my life and the pain of that betrayal did eventually subside, but when I have lied to my self to try and save my own feelings I have ended up being hurt more than all the other times put together.

Regardless of how confused your intellect may become, your emotions will never lie to you.


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