Food For Thought

We all need food to survive but have you ever thought about the foods that are out there? The foods that most of us wouldn’t consider foods? 

Did you know that beef is around 26% protein per pound? Some actually may know that one. But did you know a cockroach is around 83% proteins per pound? Insects are huge sources of protein. There are a lo of reasons out eastern relations eat insects and seeds. Would you eat an insect? And I’m not talking your bush tucka trials from that to show “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” I mean being so hungry that picking up a cricket, cockroach, mealworm or any other creepy crawley slimy insect or larva? 

In the U.K on a street vendor cart you are offered hotdogs, burgers even ice-cream. This is to us normal food. However is we go a few thousand miles east and those burger vendors turn into rice, vegetables, soup and yes you guessed it insects. Now I don’t mean (in most cases) live insects, I mean candied crickets, roasted locusts, honey dew ants, and cockroaches. These come in many different forms and flavours; however the one thing that stays the same is the key ingredient, insects. 

I will say that not everything changes, you have egg and noodle soup with chicken, fish and I mean lots of fish, fish in currys, fish in soup, fish with rice and vegetables, and our all favourite sushi again in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, flavours and colours. 

Now these are thousands of other foods you can find in Asia and they have still not hit the weird foods, Rocky Mountain oysters for example, to jump back to western culture for a moment, are “made of bull, pig or sheep testicles. The organs are often deep-fried after being peeled, coated in flour, pepper and salt, and sometimes pounded flat”. That to me at least sounds worse than all of the insects listed above. 

Anyway I know I have missed out 99% of foods in this world that are weird and wonderful so if you know of some uber weird food please tell me about them. I would love to add them to my bucket list. 


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