Is It School Or Is It People

“Don’t worry school is not forever, when you leave everyone changes and grows up. Nothing that happens here will matter when you leave” 

The above words echoed in my head the whole way through high school. People’s way of coping with the 6 years you are stuck with people you hate and you can get rid of, day after day. Thankfully school did end but somehow the same way of life contunued day in day out. 

I like in the UK so I don’t know about schools around the world but as for my experience how someone is in school is who they will be when they leave school. I know this is not a nice thing considering how most of us acted in high school but it’s true. 

I work in an office so I am close to those who work with me so I get to know how each person really is and not just the ,act they wear when around management and “childish” is not even close to how one member acts. I had 6 years of high school and I heard less moaning and bitching then that I have in the three and a bit years I have been in this office. It’s bizar to know just how bitchy some people are behind other people’s backs but nice as anything to their faces. 

There is a reason I have my guard up in work and around new people and this is it, no one is who they seem to be and sadly you never know who someone is until they think you can’t hear them. 

Oscar Wilde once said “Give a man a mask and he will show his true face.” And truer words have never been spoken.


4 thoughts on “Is It School Or Is It People

  1. Oh, I can imagine how you must be feeling. My high school experience wasn’t nice either, though I’m thankful that everybody changed after it. Well written👌

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    1. No one from mine has changed, I have been out of school for nearly 10 years and I have bumped into a few people from school are they are all still the same sadly. I mean a few have become nicer but 99% are the same

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