Making Friends

How is it that making friends when your young is natural and easy but the second you become an “adult” all of a sudden it’s almost impossiable to go out and make friends that matter to you? 

I remember meeting my best friend (I was late teens) and that was the last true friend I have made randomly. Obviously I have had a few others due to being friends with him but for this thay don’t count as they are friends by proxy. For this I mean fresh friends that have no ties to you to start with, people that you meet and become friends with. 

I know people in work who I class as work friends and I have a handful of friends who I go biking with at the weekends but since making it into my 20s I have found it harder to meet and maintain friendships. 

I like to think I can keep a conversation going, I would like to think that I’m not overly annoying, I just seem to start making people laugh with a joke or two then when I think it’s going well it all fades away into nothing leaving me here questioning if that’s how people are in this day and age. Are we really in an age where you can’t just meet someone and be nice? If opening up to someone really so hard for our generation? Has fearing the unknown made us scared of new people’s? Or maybe is this just how life is these days? Too busy to make and maintain new connections?

I don’t know. 🤔


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